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Maybe you have been wondering what is Teampesa and how will you benefit? 

Well, Teampesa is an MLM platform ( Multi-Level Marketing ) which is one of its own kind. In this platform, the more you work the more you earn. Unlike other MLM in the country, Teampesa has a range of products that will enable you to set your online presence or as I prefer calling it "my online shop" by selling most of the online products in the country from one account.

In every product sold, the profit is shared by all your up-lines and the same will happen to your down-lines. Apart from the sale of products, the MLM comes to play. When you refer one person, you will earn a percentage from their registration fee and so do your up line. Apart from registration fee, there is the monthly subscription fee where you are entitled to a monthly continuous income.

Let's come to know Teampesa in depth.

Teampesa packages

  1. Phonebook - Phonebook I'd the lowest package of them all. Its very cheap and so do its earnings. At Phonebook, you'll be charged KES 500 registration fee and a monthly renewal of KES 100 per month. In this package, you can only earn full amount to those referrals in phone book package. The other packages you will be credited proportionately to phone book package. It makes sense because you cannot pay less and earn more. To ensure no cash is lost due to having a lower package. It is advised to pick the highest package. Additionally, in this package, you can only earn 25% of the total profit earned. This is very low and you cannot reach full potential on this package.
  2. Office - Office is better than Phonebook because you earn 35% of the profit earned. This is much better but still not the best. Registration fee is KES 1,000 and a monthly subscription of KES 300. In this package, you can earn the full amount in Office and Phonebook. This means that still, we have met our full potential.

  3. Network - Network is the package that will make you reach your full potential. Any profit accrued you get 50% out of it. This means you will be earning every 50% of the total amount you make. In this package unlike the others, you will earn from all referrals in all the packages so you

Teampesa Products

As I said earlier, Teampesa has a variety of products that you can sell and the sold products’ profit is shared by your down-lines proportionately. These products are fast moving and the market is irresistible to the consumers. These products are:

  1. Bulk SMS This product helps the users to send messages to a large crowd at once. 50% of the profit accrued goes to the one who sent the generated the profit ( the account that sent the Bulk SMS ) and the rest goes to the downlines.

  2. Airtime and Data. In Teampesa you can buy or sell credit to anyone and the commission is credited to your account. So if you have a huge network, This can also be a good source of income.

  3. Lucky Dip and Sweepstakes. Millions of people are buying raffles daily with a hope of hitting a jackpot. We are giving the opportunity for you pocket a slice lotto ticket prize. Selling a ticket gives you a chance to earn commissions from the system. The commissions that you earn is credited to your account and so do the referrals. So, the rule still reigns, the more you sell the more you earn.

  4. Chamas and Sacco's. The mother company, Nuvia Technologies has three chama websites with fantastic offers, Teampesa is yet another product that will help you earn from the chama. When your referral creates an account in either or or, you are entitled a 10% commission for the first earning they make. So if your referral earnings 20,000, you will get 2,000 credited to your Teampesa’s account.

  5. Payroll and jobs. enables you to get jobs part-time or full-time jobs. Besides that, if you're an employer, the platform gives you an opportunity to manage all your employees from one account. As a Teampesa member, once your referral opens an account at office age, you’re entitled commissions on every shilling they use.

  6. Electricity token. Be a KPLC token vendor from your account, there is no limit on the number of transaction that you can make per day, only one policy applies, “the more you sell the more you earn”.  

    It is my hope that the above-mentioned products and others to come will help you “Be Your Own Boss” from now henceforth.


    Teampesa Earning Strategy

    Step 1: Register on Teampesa. My referral link is at the top and at the bottom of this post.

    Step 2: Select the best package (Network) to ensure that all the revenue is credited to your account.

    Step 3: Extend your membership to the highest number of days to enjoy discounts and also to evade cases of your membership expiring.

    Step 4: Share your link to all type of social media that you may wish to grow your network. Remember, the higher your network the more income you will generate.

    Step 5: Stay in your couch and a remote in your hand and watch the platform generating you income.



    Make the wisest decision today and create an account with Teampesa to earn an extra source of income. The input is very little as you only need to be vibrant on social media and take a few minutes to grow your network. The way I see it, Teampesa is the next big side hustle of the year.

    Kindly Join My Network to be part of this money making platform. I believe together we can make a difference. 


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